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Thread: saw some interesting things this weekend...

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    Default saw some interesting things this weekend...

    so I'm going up to Tok, and I see this large white fox cross the road with a dark black tip tail..... and very curious..

    then I'm hauling my caribou off a mountain in denali and saw a black fox with a white tip tail...

    I didnt have anything smaller then a 338 so I let him live but it was cool seeing the different colors,,,

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    that is interesting....the black one is fairly common but a white one with a black tipped tail is pretty you say it was large i'm assuming larger than an arctic i'm not sure if actric fox are common in that area...and i dont' think i've ever heard of one with a black tipped tail......honestly i probably would have shot that one...even with the 338...just aim for the belly...the less bones that you hit the better
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    That large white one with the black tip is definitely a rare one. I've never seen one like that. Sounds like you had an interesting and productive trip though.

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    I watched a white fox around here for a few days about 7 years ago (tried to get him but it didn't work out in my favor). It was probably one of the coolest things I had ever saw, and darn perty for sure.

    He was all white except the tip of his tail was black and the tips of his ears were black. I spoke to several old time trappers around the area and the refered to it as a "Snow Fox" a rare coloration of the red fox. Not sure how true it is but one old time said its more common in the areas where the old fox farms were in the early years.
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    I saw a white one with a black tip on my way back from the Denali Hwy (Paxson side) on Sat night. Crossed the road in front of my truck, had the high beams on and got a good look. It was right before Long Lake.

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    Not saying that I wouldn't shoot one on sight, but it would be cool if that gene got passed around a bit so there would be a few more around.


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