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    I am new to this and really can't trap until after spring when I hit the year mark. I left another thread wanting to know where I might be able to scout for wolf/fox/coyote around Houston or even Meadow Lakes or Willow.

    My question here is, what is the best type of trap to use for fox, coyotes, and wolf? Should I just try snares or is a trap better?

    I also want to trap some beaver, but I know that will be a conibear and I will have to go north for that.

    Any help is welcome. Like I said, this winter I just want to take the 6-wheeler or snowmachine out and find some for next year. Thanks.

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    Hey man welcome to alaska! its hard to say just one trap that is good for fox coyote and wolf. ur gonna need a wayyy bigger and stronger trap for wolf than what you would use for a fox or coyote. also you would be surprised how well snares work on wolves....especially in a gang set. id suggest getting the trapping manual from alaska trappers association..they have some real good information there. i believe they have their own website. or find someone who already traps and try to tag along a little. thats how i learned...tagging along with a seasoned trapper. you learn alot by just watching what they do. also..u would be surprised how well snares and foot holds work for beaver....good luck out there.
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    Thanks. A buddy just recommended the Alaska Trappers Guide. Gonna pick it up.


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