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    Can anyone offer a comparison between Federal 215 large rifle magnum primers and Remington 91/2 large rifle magnum primers?

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    both deliver plenty of flame to ignite large or hard to ignite volumes of powder, the Federal is made with a softer metal, while the Remington is a harder metal, it is usually accepted that both can produce excellent results, but once a load is worked up with any primer changing components will change the load. The only other thing I can tell you is, sometimes if you are getting bad results using Remington primers, it can be from mediocre firing pin strikes, even have heard of total misfires, cci primers are also hard metal, changing to federal can get rid of this problem, as well as if you are getting cratering arond the firing pin strike on your primers, it can be from larger than nesasary and going with the harder cup of the Rem, or cci, can eliminate this with reasonable loading pressure.


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