My friend told me about this posting and pics in the Alaska Waterfowl Hunting Forum. I'm sure there was one sick-feeling pilot!

Big White Bird Down
Normally the biggest birds I see sitting around the Jim Lake marsh are the abundant swans but recently there was another one that caught my eye. My duck hunting buddy and I were watching this cub make low passes over one of the “almost” dry lakes in the eastern Jim Lake complex wondering what the heck he was up to. I was quite surprised when this fellow actually attempted a wheels landing in the marsh but I suspect he was even more surprised by the soft spot his cub found at the end of the run-out. After the landing we motored over to the unfortunate fellows and with the help of a couple more good samaritan duck hunters helped him get his plane out of the worst of the hole it was in. Nothing was damaged other than the pilot’s pride and his checkbook after he called in the helo in to make a recovery. It was quite an operation to watch and I couldn’t help but get a few photos for the old scrap book.