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Thread: Grouse Hunting This Saturday...

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    Default Grouse Hunting This Saturday...

    I don't have a 4-wheeler. I use my legs and don't mind doing a bit of bushwhacking. Plan on hunting the trails around 9-10 in the morning.

    Has anyone seen birds around Sutton? And where, exactly, in Sutton? Most of the trails are up on Jonesville Rd, just curious if that's what people refer to.

    I've been out to Puritan Creek and Moose Creek, with no luck. I even ventured south to Bird (fitting name, right? alas, no birds).

    I'm also looking at going to Long Lake and following that trail saddling the ridge, overlooking the lake. Has anyone hunted there?

    Anyway, Sutton and this unnamed 4-wheeler trail are my focal points on this next hunt. Curious what your thoughts were. Thanks!

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    I'm down in Kenai so I can't give you any local info, but I will throw out some observations:

    I have been walking a new dog down the same closed gravel road for the past 3 weeks, some nights I see several birds, some nights I see zero (like tonight).

    I have also noticed I see way more birds along the roadways and gravel trails than I do off trail, although I do see some off trail too.

    Although I'm rather new to spruce grouse hunting (second season), i've come to the conclusion that you find them where they are... I realize thats what no one wants to hear but it seems to be how it is.

    Get out walk, walk some more, even if its the same trail 3 nights in a row, seems it can be 3 different experiences.

    Hope that helps.

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    ya buffalo mine road theres trails back in there i usually get some grouse.
    Semper Fi!


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