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Thread: 2011 bows are coming out...

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    Default 2011 bows are coming out...

    Hey. New bows from Bear and Hoyt are out. I also see a new bow from Mathews, but only a dual cam model. The single cams are coming soon. Bowtech stuff is coming in November from what I've been told.

    I have some of the Hoyt info posted on my site under the blog, and have more coming along with some pics. We're working on retooling the website so...

    I've also got a new Hoyt Rampage XTRampage_XT_Camo.jpg coming for testing. I'll post that review and let you all know what I think of it.

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    I've got a 2011 PSE Dream Season EVO coming - Should be another week then it will be here!

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    I've seen some pics of the bowtechs on AT, I guess ones called the Assassin, Specialist(target bow) and Heart Breaker.The Assassin and Heart Breaker are there "budget" bows, and are sold as a package called R.A.K.(ready aim kill) for a MAP of only $599. Can't wait to see what there flagship bow is! The destroyers are still in the lineup as well. Might have to get me an '11 bowtech!

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    I've heard there is a Destroyer 360 coming that shoots 360 IBO. Don't know what else is on the way just yet.

    I got the new Hoyt last night and it is sweet, especially for the price point. I'm told $599 for the Rampage XT. It is a seriously sweet bow for that price. I'll be shooting more over the weekend and will post an initial review soon.


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