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Thread: Catch and Release Techniques

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfish6025 View Post
    But I was also ultimately dismayed by the number of fish that die even when you do everything right.
    As I (and others) have said before, if we really wanted to preserve fish and not have any impact on them, we would stop fishing for them altogether. As long as we go fishing we're going to cause some fish mortality, even with proper C&R practices and the best of intentions. (Not to mention scars and mouth deformations that fish may recover from but I would have to assume impacts feeding and stress levels.) I guess that's a moral issue we all have to contend with, and I suppose the level of effort we go to to reduce our impacts and fish mortality in C&R situations is ultimately related to our level of respect for the fish and their ecosystems. Personally, I've never had any doubt that some of the fish I've released were going to die, and I've made my peace with that.

    Regarding nets, I stand by my earlier statement. Get a rubber net (which can be obtained at a most reasonable price) and use it as needed. I'm not saying net every fish you hook, but when you've got moderate to big fish in areas where it can be difficult to lead them to hand, a net is better than playing a fish to absolute exhaustion or risking banging it up on the rocks in an effort to get it near/to shore. My $.02

    Thus, injury (and therefore mortality) can be reduced if the use of landing nets is limited to those instances where their use is required to safely land and control fish to prevent mechanical injury. However, when the use of a landing net is required or preferred, it is best to use one made of rubber or knotless mesh.
    Anyway, very interesting article. Thanks for posting, bigfish!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cube01 View Post
    I was surprised to read that the author advocates NOT using a net whenever possible...
    A lot of people think that nets are the solution.....(not saying they do not have a place on the water)

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    I always use barbless hooks so it is easier to release the fish off the hook so it won't be harmed.

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    To those who love the Lama me included. If your going to use a #2 hook smash the barb. Just caught a very nice Parks bow with 5/8 cone head and #2 hook lodge in this fishes face. I had crimp the barb to get it out. Or maybe learn how to land a nice fish.

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    Sounds like a few of you need to get laid or something. There's no reason to get that fired up about anything on a fishing forum! The rest of you are cool. And my two cents, I use light tippet. I don't use a net, but I'm not against them. If I can't land the fish without making him go belly up downstream upon release, snap! There goes the biggest fish of my life (all lost fish are the biggest I have ever hooked) and my favorite fly. And for the record, 99% of my lost flies are either buried in a log jam (I know there was a fish there!) or in a tree I couldn't get to. I might lose one fly in a given year to a rainbow's mouth. I am okay with those stats. I am also okay with drinking while fishing. Why don't you guys tear each other's heads off about that one for awhile....

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    I bet you carry a gun too!

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