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Thread: Reloading the .325 WSM

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    Default Reloading the .325 WSM

    I am reloading for a Browning BLR in .325 WSM. Your opinions and advice are appreciated. The two bullets I have ordered are the Swift A-Frame in 220 gr. and the Barnes Triple Shock in 200 gr. I am planning to load the TSX with 63 gr, 65 gr, and 67 gr of H4350. Then load the A-Frame with 58.3 gr, 60 gr, and 62 gr of H4350. This is a range of minimum to max loads as listed in my reloading manual. Do you think I'm on the right track with this choice to determine what my rifle likes to shoot? Am I making a good choice in bullet types for hunting moose and deer up here? These are my top two choices in bullets, and I thought I would shoot both and see if my rifle has a preference. I live in the Juneau area and moved here last July, formerly known as "Alaska or Bust" on this forum, well, I didn't bust. Thanks

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    Default Looks good

    I think you have picked 2 of the best hunting bullets made. I have used the Barnes X in 30-06 and .338 Win. Mag. for many years with great results. I have never used the Swift A Frame but everything I have heard and read about it has been very good. Most of my shots have been well under 200 yards.

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    Talking great choice

    I think you've made a great choice in calibers. I have had two rifles custom made in the 8mm-338 wildcat and never looked back. The reason for two was that my wife loved it so much, that everytime she went hunting, she wanted to use my rifle and I could see I was about to lose control of it, especially if we went together. I finally settled on the 180 Barnes X and got best accuracy with 76 gr of IMR 4831 and 74gr for hers. I've taken everything from antelope, deer, elk moose, grizzly, caribou, wolf and muskox with never more than one shot each. The 180 is so effective, I've never had a reason to go heavier...recovering only 2. Good luck with that rifle.


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