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    hello i got a sako finnbear l61r 375 newly aquired & i found some original sako rings for the tapered dovetail i noticed theres left to right adjustment in the ring bases what is the correct way to set theese up ?? would you dial in the ringbases with a boresighter?? how do youget the scope parrelel to the bore thanks for your help rob

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    If you look at the rings when they ate mounted on the rifle, you can see that they can be positioned anywhere along the tapered dovetail on the receiver. Generally, if you look at the gap between the clamp on the ring and the ring body, and keep it equal on both sides, the ring will be "centered" on the rifle. So, as the ring is moved to the rear, tighten both sides of the ring so the gap is equal on both clamps, and as the ring is moved forward onto the larger end of the dovetail, then widen the clamps, keeping the gap between the clamp and ring body roughly equal on both sides. Remember to securely tighten the big knob, because the scope can only come off in one direction during recoil, and that is to the rear, OUCH.
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    hey gunbugs thanks for your input thats what i was thinking common sense kinda tells me that but i just wanted to hear somebody in the know say it . ill be spending enough time on the bench workin up a load dont need to keep reinstlling the scope over & over GOOD HUNTING TO YOU rob


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