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    Cool Some fur..

    Cool story behind this guy.....
    well we took the drive into unit 13 too the beaver grounds i had just recently found, and had took one beaver out before...which is in my post "nice start"....we walked in about a mile and found a fresh slide were they had been workin the bank, so i made the usual set with a 330 and a little castor and we were on our way. we were walking out when something caught my ear so out of reaction i stopped and listened..and then i saw a wake in the water and saw something climbing on the bank (this is about 10 yards infront of me) and then i heard a sound i could distinguish very quickly it was a beaver chewing on a tree. well i sat in silence for about 10 minutes and he got his little tree and got in the water with it..and by this time its late 11 pm, and luckily the moon was out so i could see pretty clearly without having my light the beaver started making its way up the slough and i followed a little way and then he'd stop so id stop and it kept repeating on for about 30 minutes...well he came up to were my set was and i was kneeling on the bank to the left about 15 yards off from the set itself...and here he came...and boy if he didnt waltz right through that coni, and BAMM! i had him but he had somehow managed to slip through the coni and only get caught by the lower back and i rushed down and pull him out of the water and got the 330 off him and to my suprise he was still fully life and ok. so now i had a life beaver on my hands..and boy they are strong strong animals....i finally gave him the dirt nap and was very pleased with the night...after the long pack out it was all worth was a truly great night so i thought id share this one with ya....second beaver soo far since the opener. good luck

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    Thats pretty cool I dont know alot of people who actually catch an animal walking into there traps lol.

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    He'll make a nice hat.
    Now what ?


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