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    I run a 1654 tracker mod v and I will be moving to fairbanks in a few months. It's currently powered with a 50hp tiller honda.

    I've been told that I won't be able to run the rivers up there with my current setup. Any suggestions on repowering? I would hate to get rid of the honda because I got a steal on it and it only has about 15 hours on it.

    What I'm thinking:

    Jack plate on current setup = run a little shallower

    Jet drive conversion = even more shallow, give up horsepower and need to pull the powerhead to change gearing since it uses offset crank gears of the wrong ratio

    Surface drive mud buddy etc = shallow running but loud, no reverse, and basically a lawn mower engine not originally designed to run on the water for years.

    any suggestions? I'm concerned that if I convert the motor to a jet unit that it won't have enough hp (drops to 35). I usually fish with minimal gear but duck hunt with 2 guys, a dog, and a few dozen decoys and plenty of gas.

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    It is a total one full day job to pull the powerhead and reinstall, you pull off everything from the lower unit up! Yes, everything.
    The emphasis is on accuracy, not power!

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    keep the current setup, and find a used motor with a jet unit, and put that on. It might cost you some $$$, but I bet it would be worth it. TRust me, there are days your going to wish you had that prop setup. And yes, hondas are a pain to change from prop to jet or vice versa! Get up here first, go boating with a few people to see what your really going to need.
    just my $.02


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