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    Default What's the problem?

    Geez, lots of anger on the forum. It is a beautiful day. I'm stuck inside grading papers and working on lesson plans.
    now is the time to plan for next year.

    Yes folks there is a Santa Claus.

    Goat populations are exploding in Kenai and Kodiak.

    Moose populations are slowing increasing.

    Economic problems in L48 are slowing the guiding business so we have less non-resident competition.

    We just got PFDs enough for a used Iridium Sat Phone + Spot 2-
    That way you can call and your wife can tell them where you are if you fall or get chomped.

    People are still pushing against putting the entire state into a draw system.

    People in the Basin still can hunt the park.

    There are areas where noobs can hunt.

    There is a guy in Fairbanks who is giving out goat meat.

    There is a guy in Wasilla who is still thanking god that his girl is safe and recovering.

    There is a guy in Anchorage who sells sleeping bags who is happy about goats.

    There is a guy in Ketchikan who practices being big foot.

    There is a guy who lives up near Kotz who is eating fresh frozen caribou dipped in seal oil.

    There is a kid just starting hunting who is reading this.

    We are all blessed because we have this Alaska and we complain about it all the time.

    Of course...
    My wife had to have a new car so my gear buying has been cut down
    There is a clearance sale at Beaver.
    There is a good deal on a Winchester Push feed at Guns and Ammo.

    When I close my eyes I see the rugged mountains of my dreams and when I come on here I seem to tie into a big group of people who believe the same.

    A bad day in Alaska is better than a great day anywhere else.


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    Amen, to that Thomas!

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    Excellent post, exactly what had been missing from this place, tact and class...

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    That's awesome! Great post. Here's a noobie here, got a bear after 1.5 months, and cannot wait to be a resident to hunt it all!!! Small game until next season now!

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    Nice reminder, hope everyone reads and appreciates. I've killed 1 grouse, 2 rabbits, 1 duck and several geese in the last two weeks, seems hunting season is still rolling to me! So glad I live in Alaska!

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    Nice thread.

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    Nothing new. Happens every year, when the water starts getting hard and the Fishermen move to the Hunting Forum to play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaboku68 View Post
    Goat populations are exploding in Kenai and Kodiak.

    Moose populations are slowing increasing.
    yes, i agree, many things are going well up here now, but the goats on the kenai are in a state of decline, or at best holding steady well below the numbers we had just 10 years ago. too many nannies still getting shot.
    they are booming on kodiak, however.
    moose are declining on the kenai, mostly because of loss of habitat and suppression of wildfires. our bull:cow ratio is in the dumpster, and that is the result of increased hunting pressure.
    moose are up , and heading up in many areas of the state, though.....
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    Don't forget that JMG got a caribou!

    Sorry Jason, there was just soo much excitement at you killing something I just couldn't pass it up.

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    ... and the mods have been doing an awsome job of keeping the spammers out of the forum.
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    Well put let be thankful for what we have not what we dont have. Chris


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