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Thread: instructional DVD's?

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    Default instructional DVD's?

    Did some fly fishing for the first time this past summer and caught a red, what fun!! So can anyone tell me if there is any DVDs that are alaska based to help me learn more?

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    There's plenty in the "Search" Field, but Left Kerh, Kreh, Krhe, hands down...

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    Default Interested in catching Pike?

    Quote Originally Posted by tboehm View Post
    Did some fly fishing for the first time this past summer and caught a red, what fun!! So can anyone tell me if there is any DVDs that are alaska based to help me learn more?

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    Hello Tom,

    There is precious little in the area of instructional videos specifically on fly fishing in Alaska. Here are some titles that you may be interested in, from our store (if anyone knows of a title that we should carry, please drop me a line and we’ll look at it):

    1. Advanced Fly Casting DVD with Doug Swisher. Doug is well known in fly fishing circles, and though this DVD is not specifically about Alaska, it offers much in the way of practical instruction. The techniques learned here, will be a huge help to the fly fisherman who decides to tackle Alaska. $19.95

    2. Kayak Fishing Ultimate Guide. Though not an instructional guide to fly fishing, and not exclusively Alaska, this DVD offers some fly fishing info, and especially discusses the growing sport of kayak fishing. $19.95

    3. Upstream. A beautifully-done DVD documentary on fly fishing in Alaska. $19.95

    4. Rise. Another fly fishing documentary by the makers of Upstream. Covers an around-the-world fly fishing experience, including Alaska. Beautifully done! $29.95

    Of course we have tons of books on fly fishing and fly tying in our store! Hope you find something useful in there.

    Take care,


    btw, most of the videos in our store include previews. You can take a look at those by viewing the links I posted here...
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    I haven't seen much exclusive to AK for instruction! Some videos have scenes from around the state, but fishing is fishing and Alaska isn't too technical or presentation too critical for success. For casting, Kreh's single hand videos are some of the best! If you get into 2 handers, I'd recommend Spey to Z, Modern Spey Casting and Skagit Master! Some guys from World Wide also did a Centerpin video if that's your thing. Although a little more money, I would suggest one on one instruction. For a couple hundred bucks you can take a guided day trip and not only catch fish, but get casting help and learn some technique to catch fish once on your own. Guides are a great resource if they know you're receptive to being taught, not just interested in catching a few fish!

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    Not Alaska specific, but Lefty Kreh has a great casting dvd. Tells you all you need to know about casting a fly rod. A no nonsense approach from the legend himself. This dvd is how I taught myself to cast. Sold out on Cabelas, but can be bought in many other places online.
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    Default YouTube has some Alaska stuff...not instructional per se...

    1. good clip from the Russian River. Watch what she does, then by-n-by you'll learn why. Some points (others prob have good pointers too - hey, it's winter after all ):
    a. This style is basically "nymphing" (See Nymph Fishing by Dave Hughes), which basically tries to naturally drift your fly past fish you see, or locations you suspect hold fish; upstream flip, then follow your fly downstream (usually along the bottom in Alaska-not always though).
    b. She's basically fishing a deep slot - the river's so narrow in this stretch that's all we see.
    c. She's taking up slack as the fly drifts to her. Slack is bad.
    d. The cameraman's (Dad's?)suggestion to keep the tip down - also minimizing slack.
    e. Slack hinders in several ways - detecting the bite, setting the hook.
    f. This clip especially well demonstrates the number one hardest thing for newbies - detecting the bite or take. I believe newbies who don't catch fish are often just missing them. I still do.

    I like this clip by Donny Price, which I first found a couple years ago - because:
    a. He uses techniques like Alaskagirl in the first clip
    b. You get a look at more water than the first clip - and so can start to imagine it matters where you cast. Donny talks about what constitutes better trout habitat - where your casts will likely pay off more. He talks about fishing a "seam", or place where two current flows meet, usually forming a V shape on the surface. The Russian R has all kinds of fish habitat, seams, pools, slots, cut banks, rocks or other cover and I think a riffle or two. The single best book describing how to read the water on Alaska's streams is written by Kelly Pinnell. Mr. Pinnell usually gives his seminar on the topic at the Great Alaska Sportsmans Show, but the book is excellent too (The ABC's of Reading Alaska's Small Rivers and Streams).
    c. He describes his tackle at one point, which we all appreciate.
    d. He talks about technique - how it matters to have your fly bouncing along the bottom - because that's where the fish are.
    3. Other flyfishing instruction aplenty - not in Alaska, but LOTS of it...including Lefty Kreh - and he's terrific.

    1. Doug Swisher: I liked the DVD that Mike mentioned too - practical advice.
    2. Scientific Anglers has two good instructional DVD's widely available - taught by Brian and Judith O'Keefe.
    3. Joan Wulff's instructional DVD, "Dynamics of Fly Caasting" was good I recall.
    Here's a review:
    She once had a 161 foot cast measured. Considering a modern fly line is typically 90 feet long, that's waaay out there. I like her suggestions for practicing around your yard.
    4. And if winter gets long, Mel Krieger ("The Essence of Flycasting") is worthwhile too IMO.

    Good luck, ,Tom.


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