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Thread: Wolves in Chena Flood Control area

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    Default Wolves in Chena Flood Control area

    OK, yesterday morning, I freind and I went in the flood control area calling preds. Well, in the second area we set up in..I was using a Foxpro (distressed kitten call)...I started calling and with 10 seconds I see this big dark lanky critter run out of the cover and stop on a dime staring our way. it was about 400-500 yards out, maybe more. I think I started calling too early as my buddy was still kinda moving around a might have seen him and took off after looking at us about 30-45 seconds. My buddy never saw it. I have seen wolves and this looked like a wolf. Only other thing it coulda been would be a small calf moose but I dont think a moose would react to a kitten call like that or move as quick and sudden. It didnt lumber away like a moose does either. Plus a moose would have been standing taller..and this critter was not that tall. So with the distance and low daylight, I'm saying it was a wolf. So, with all this said...has anyone seen any wolf or coyote activity in there lately. I know I wasnt imagining things!

    Thx all

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    Even if you do not know them go into the Corps office at Chena and talk with John (John runs Chena as Corps Director) or Mike, they are both passionate hunters and will gladly share information with you about wolf sightings and probably tell you where a great spot to go might be.

    I have emailed John about your post already to see if he has seen any this year, I know they have been out there in the past.


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    Default wolves

    I run a trap line just around the corner from there. I seen several wolf tracks this year but no sightings. I was told by another trapper that they just move through the area and dont stay long but im not sure if that is true. Hillbilly

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    Default Chena flood project

    I haven't been there for a few years, but I used to run that area regularly. I have seen a few wolves there, but as has been said already, they are usually just moving through. They are there, tho.
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