As the post states Iím trying to find a partner for a Sept. moose hunt.
Since last fall Iíve been trying to get a solo fly-in to a few remote locations with no luck, and my son, brother and regular hunting partners either don't have the money/time or made other plans already.

Please accept an apology in advance but Iíd like to chat a bit anyone interested to ensure a good "fit" (8-14 days in the woods can go south fast with bad company, which could just be me) so please message me if interested, willing, and capable.

Iím not looking for an Alaska resident necessarily but please be aware (for those not in the know), moose hunting fly-ins are not cheap or easy. Iíve got a few specific areas in mind for floating or lake hunting with a small zodiac (toys I already have). And I have a little experience with outback Alaska, 3 remote hunts for brown bear and black bear. Iíve called moose up in the Tanana valley during and after hunting season and not to blow my own horn (no pun intended) Iím not a bad caller (although most Iíve called during were dinks).

Iíve been in Alaska for 5 years now and have yet to take the time and effort to do a successful moose hunt, so Iím committed to getting a nice animal this year. If you think youíre interested in a hunt please message me with contact information. Iíll be covering most of the logistics so I just want a solid commitment.