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Thread: Home canned fruit received as gift

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    Default Home canned fruit received as gift

    I have recently been given some home canned peaches (that were delicious) and could see receiving more as gifts from different people in the area. Some of them might not have the most sanitary kitchens, or most current techniques for preserving their food. If the jars are sealed is that an indication that the fruit is OK to eat, or should I thank them for the gift, but be cautious about eating the contents?
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    I do alot of canning- vegetables, relish, jams, jellies, butters, etc. If the jar remains sealed, you should be OK. I also use the 'smell' test when I open the jar- if it smells bad, then the product will probably taste bad.
    Now the question of food QUALITY comes into play also. I can use the best of canning techniques and produce a sanitary product. But if the produce, meat, etc used is of poor quality, the end product (despite being sanitary) can be crap.


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