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Thread: Looking for a beagle for rabbit hunting

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    Default Looking for a beagle for rabbit hunting

    Im looking at getting a trained rabbit hunting dog does anyone know of a place to start looking. Thanks Chris

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    I got a good beagle that I hope to breed soon. My wife and I went out with her today and got 8 snowshoes in about an hour. We could have easily got more, but I didn't want to clean them all. She skipped her heat cycle this fall. If all goes well, we might breed her this winter when she goes into heat. Give me your number and I will hold onto it. Maybe after she has pups (probably next spring) I will save one for you.

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    where you located?Im real tempted to offer mine up. He is a rabbit hunting machine. But thats about it! You would probably save my marriage by taking him.

    I was wondering how come you werent givin me a call about getting our beagles together bushwhack. Next time you go running you ought to call me up so you can see my male run

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    Sorry about that rimfire. I have been meaning to call you. I still have your number. My beagle didn't go into heat yet this fall, but that would be a good idea for us to get them together. I will give you a call sometime this fall or winter and we will have to get out to chase some snowshoes. I wanted to get my wife out this weekend with her new shotgun. I bought her a new Remington 870 last week for her birthday. Pink camo 20 gauge. She loves it.


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