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Thread: Planning for next year. Advice for Brooks Range fly in.

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    Default Planning for next year. Advice for Brooks Range fly in.

    I am planning a hunt with a friend in the Brooks Range next year for sheep and possibly caribou. We are wanting to do a fly in drop off hunt. We are both Alaska residents and both fit and well aware of the physical requirements of a sheep hunt. We both have the appropriate gear and clothing. I have done some hike in sheep hunts (I should say some hike in sheep camping trips) in the Chugach Mountains.

    We are looking for advice on flying services that offer drop off hunts. I have emailed Coyote Air, Brooks Range Aviation and 40 Mile Air for information but would like to know of other flying services you have used and liked that fly hunters into the Brooks. Neither of us has hunted the Brooks Range before and could use some general guidance as to areas we would be most likely to succeed. I am not looking for anyone's secret sheep spot only some general guidance. I have Tony Russ' book and have read it repeatedly.

    Thanks in advance for you help.


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    I would also recommend that you contact Mike McCrary at...

    Most of the AOD forum "adventure threads, hero threads" posted this season have started with a flight on a Seventy North aircraft, out of Happy Valley way up the haul road.

    Read this years threads...PM the guys who contributed them...make your reservations sooner (Feb/Mar) rather than later...spend the entire weekend in the forum archives...


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    I too would recommend Mike and Bob with Seventy North. I flew out with them this fall and had a great time. They are great guys who know the area. They put us on caribou, and I got a grizzly to boot. PM me if you have any questions.


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