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Thread: Lost G&H Standard Canada Goose Shells

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    Default Lost G&H Standard Canada Goose Shells


    A friend of mine “lost” about 2dz G&H Standard Canada goose shells between Tuesday evening and Friday morning and I’m asking for help from the person that “found” them or someone who might convince their buddy, who just came into a pretty good deal, to return them.
    Although doing the right thing and returning them should be enough, I’m offering a Zink Coke Bottle acrylic Power Hen single reed duck call with pouch and box or a dozen new Mallard decoys as a reward for the return of my buddy’s decoys.

    The shells were mostly new style (i.e. square topped peg with more gray in the paint scheme and tan inside) with 2-3 old style (i.e. cross-T peg with more brown in the paint scheme and the inside is black). They were last seen hanging on a stump in a mesh decoy bag on Tuesday afternoon in the marsh that is pretty close to Anchorage. I don’t think the exact location is necessary other than to comment that it is not hunted very often ... likely due to the fact that you don’t see too many birds in this location. I can provide some unique details on the old style shells, if needed.

    The back story on this is that my buddy is a retired USAF MSgt with a bit of bad knee that enjoys getting out on the marsh. Although he isn’t able to muck it like he used to, he can walk a good bit on solid ground. In fact, he has to get up and walk during the hunt but doesn’t last very long in the nasty stuff. This spot is a bit of a walk but it is almost entirely firm, even in the marsh, so it is a good spot for him to still get out, enjoy the marsh and, every now and then, take a shot. At the beginning of each season I cart the decoys out to this spot and, after things lock up and the marsh gets hard, I go haul them back for him. We hunt them a few times together but he goes out there by himself a few times as we have different work schedules. Although this spot does not produce many birds, we’ve been leaving the shells out there for the past few years with no problem. Although I told him that someone might walk off with them, he didn’t think anyone would actually do it because we’ve only seen one other guy in this stretch of the marsh in past three years. We have seen where a few folks have walked up to the decoys in the past but nobody ever bothered them. I even scribbled on one of the stumps that folks were welcome to use them but please return them after the hunt.

    I would imagine that a few folks are going to think/comment that my friend got what he deserved because he left them out in the marsh ... finder’s keeper’s, right? I’m not looking to debate what is right or wrong or what my buddy should have done or should have expected or any retribution. I’m just asking for someone to do the right thing and return my buddy’s decoys or help me get them back for him ... and I’m offering a small reward.

    Well, that’s about it ... other than to ask that if the person or someone who knows the person that “found” my buddy’s decoys reads this post, to please either return them to the stump or call my duty phone (552-6249) and leave a message on my voice mail as to where they can be picked up. I don’t want to know anything else other than whether you want the duck call or the decoys and where to drop it/them off.



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    Score one for the good guys ... the shells have been returned and no reward was asked for.

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    Good to hear there are a few good people with a concious left out there, Glad you got them back

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    Good job, it is great to see there are some honest people out there that realize that those shells were earned by somebody elses hardwork and got them back to you. Did they mention if this forum was the prod that got them back to you all.

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    Default dont see that happen to often...congrats
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckhunter01 View Post dont see that happen to often...congrats
    Very nice - that's the way it should be everywhere, but especially in the brotherhood of hunters.


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