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Thread: Deciding which one

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    Default Deciding which one

    Heading up to the Rex for antlerless moose in a few days. I have 3 suitable guns that I have sighted, each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

    T/C Encore Pistol in 7mm-08, 140 Nosler Partition; pro: no need for gun boot, easy to carry, shooting with a handgun; con: My range (not necessarily the gun's) is limited to about 100-150 yards, because I haven't got good enough to be confident past that.

    Winchester 70 Featherweight 7x57, 140 Nosler Partition; Pro, I can shoot this one accurately out to 300+ yards; con: harder to carry on the snowmobile, and it's a nice wood stock (not that I'm afraid of a ding or two, I kinda used it for a sled --accidentally-- while deer hunting Montague awhile back; managed to get everything looking good again)

    Marlin Guide Gun in .45-70, 440 grain Hard cast at 1875 fps; Pro: It's a hammer! can be more certain of shots with bone in the way; not too bulky to carry slung while riding the snowmobile. Con: It hurts to shoot it; gotta double check to make sure I'm holding the right end of the gun after I shoot! If I see a wolf or other furbearer that's still in season, that's not really a varmint gun; and range is limited to about 100-150 yards, as with the pistol...only because I haven't shot it at longer distances, so I'm not absolutely sure how much it'll drop, and I'm not going to estimate from having read charts when I'm actually shooting at a critter.

    I'll probably take the 7x57, as it's more versatile, but I'd like to take a big came animal with the pistol and also with the .45-70; I've shot a few critters with the 7x57. Just hate to have to pass on a 250 yard shot, if that's all that presents itself, because I brought the wrong gun.

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    then bring the 7 and the pistol and you won't have to worry.
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    Default Ill second that!

    With that new cargo sled you just bought I know you have the room! (-: So I would bring both the pistol and the 7x57 as well. I use to love hunting with my contenders and the 7x57 would be available for longer shots. I dont think you'll have to worry about real long shots out there though! Do you have a gunboot on your sled?
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