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Thread: Dual Caliber Wesson Hawk

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    Default Dual Caliber Wesson Hawk

    I am waiting on the arrival my new Switch Caliber Redhawk to show up. In the mean time a picture will have to do

    This is a 44/45 caliber revolver. A Dan Wesson barrel system was fitted to a 44 Mag Redhawk frame and a complete 45 Colt cylinder and frame was added with quick change capabilities. When the revolver arrives I will give it a complete evaluation and post the results

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    Pretty slick. Are the DW barrel threads going into the frame different on the vari. cal. (they are in .22 and .357)? Are these barrels custom made? How do you tell which barrel is mounted in the gun?

    Nice looking handgun!

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    Who made the conversion? Looks and sounds slick!

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    The barrels are custom made and the work was done by Jack Huntington. I will have a more detailed report once I recieve the revolver. I was sent the pictures by emal. Testing by the maker has not been completed as yet.

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    Got to love thinking outside the box. In the 70's I had a couple Smolts in 357 that were great shooters.
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