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Thread: Moose cape ?

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    Default Moose cape ?

    I need some advice on the availablity and expected cost of a bull moose cape. Last fall I killed a nice 63 inch bull on the Peninsula and essentially had my cape stolen by some other hunters who came out of the field before me. They "mistakenly" took it and later returned it after some heated debate, but it was no good. Luckily, I secured the meat and antlers, and got those back to my home in Indiana in good shape.

    So my questions are these: How difficult is it to get a moose cape? Where should I start the search, and how much should I expect to pay? I realize price should vary depending on size and whether it is green or tanned.


    Don Mulligan

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    Default Sources for moose capes

    I would contact Russell Knight at Knight's Taxidermy on this one. Another one to check is Alpha Fur Dressers. Both are in Anchorage.

    Best of luck!

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    Don, I may be able to get you touch with a friend of mine who has a moose cape available. Drop me a note with your phone number so the two of you can connect.

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    Default Moose capes

    There is one for sale in Anchorage on craigslist $325 or check out the taxidermy net there a bunch on there also.And do not forget ebay there are 2 on there

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    Default cape

    Well if you are not in a hurry I can get you one in 08 if i get a moose I usually just leave them but would be happy to get you one.

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    Thanks a ton, everyone. Wingert, I PM'd you. I will check out all the links too.

    Don Mulligan


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