I know this should go into bowhunting forums but alot of people posting here about this so here it goes.

We left Wasilla Thursday around 1030 a.m we made it to Fairbanks around 1630 gassed up at Sams club grabbed some pizza there and took off with our goal to get to Coldfoot. It was snowing off an on the roads were alright but I drove in 4 High once we got onto the Dalton from the Steese. We made it to Coldfoot around 0200 in the morning we pulled out the sleeping bags and slept in the truck for the night. We got up Around 0715 topped off the tank gas in coldfoot gas was 4.49 a gallon for regular unleaded and we grabbed some breakfest.

We then continued our journey up north we ran into the first big herd past toolik lake pretty close to a thousand this was friday around 1130 and there were several groups of hunters putting the move on them so we continued to Slope mountain we drove past slope mountain and past PS 3 we spotted to big herds both pushing close to a 1,000 in each group we turned around and went back to slope mountain to set up camp. Once set up one the guys in our group took off across the road and me and another fellow took off down the road.

We walked some but didn't see anything moving driving back down the rtoad we pick up our other buddy and contiue down the road looking for the bou we see the two big groups but they are not doing anything and there are couple groups of hunters making there way out there again these thing were an easy 3 miles out probably closer to 4 miles. Anyhow we drive all the way to PS 2 all we saw that far north was a small group of 13 and a bunch of musk-ox. So we had back to camp and we read our temp guage and it was a whopping 7 degrees.

So we make dinner get the buddy heaters going and have a nice cozy tent a nice 60 degrees in there, anyhow we call it a night. Wake up Saturday morning and it is cooollllllddddd about -4 outside anyhow we get going and our destination was Deadhorse for gas we get going and we see those two bige herds and more caribou joining them we stop glass them but they are not moving, holdign tight. So we keep going and decide to to dump 10 gallons into the truck and go watch those two big groups. So we do that and take off back there we come up with a game plan and walk in about 2-2 1/2 miles we get set up they are making there way to us. I'm range finding spots getting ready then all of the sudden these things take off to my left at this point I'm trying to figure out what's going on. They stop look and take off again at this point I see a guy running across the tundra in front of us and the caribou I look thru my binos this guy has no bow nothing just going as fast as he can without tripping, at this point I was boiling mad this guy ruined it all. So I stand up and yell some choice words for him and we head on back to the truck.

So the next day we see them these two big groups again and this time one of the groups is moving with some purpose towards slope mountain. So we take off to camp pull in and one our buddies says man I need to go to the "bathroom" at this point I look up the road and there they are. I yelled $&%@ caribou we take off the road and we drop him off and it is a good groupd close to 400 were coming our buddy ended up shooting one with a recurve. The rest of the day hundreds and hundreds were coming through slope mountain and crossing. It was fun but cold I think Sunday it was aroudn 7 degrees some guys coporated and other really knew how to screw things up oh well. I highly recommend a buddy heater or two if you go this late in the year cause it was cold. For those who care I shot at three one over one behind and the other under. I can't wait to do it again NEXT YEAR