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    I have found a very nice custom Ed Brown rifle. I think it's called a Damara. Action model I think is a 704. It is CRF with a big Garand style extractor and fixed mechanical ejector. The nose of the bolt is enshrouded in the barrel flange like an M700 (actually a ring in the receiver like a Mauser) granting clearance for the extractor to snap over. The bolt is spiral fluted and fits very close but is lapped super smooth. The stock is a McM graphite with moulded checkering and a smooth bumpy textured finish. With 22" of barrel it tips at 6# 2ozs. It came from the box with standard Talley bases. I intend to mount a Leupold 1.75-6X32 on it. Caliber is 7-08. A nice light weight mountain and hill rifle for deer, sheep and whatnot.
    Anyone ever examine one of thes rifles? I hear he's out of rifle biz now.
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    Sounds really nice and I think the 7mm-08 is a great round.

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    That sounds like a perfect mountain and hills rifle Murphy! I have never seen one of his rifles in person but they sound good from what I have read and after seeing his 1911's I can't imagine him building a rifle that was not up to par. Be sure to let us know how it works out for you.

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    One of my old hunting magazines did a tribute thing to the Ed Brown rifles back when they were being built. I looked for that article some last night but couldn't come up with it. It probably got pitched when the basement got flooded and many of the magazines got wet.

    They were high dollar outfits even back then!

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    Freind of mine, who works for Ed Brown, has one in 300Win. He says it's a heck of a shooter but he is selling it if anyone else wants one.


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