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Thread: building a meat wagon

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    Default building a meat wagon

    looking for info on building a meat wagon. i've got the welder, just cant find the harware for anything other than a full size trailer. where can i find a good meat wagon axle, tires, etc. i'm sure there are local places and shops onine, so any info would be appreciated. thanks

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    Try trailor craft or six robbles they both carry the parts to build what you are looking for.

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    Just tell them what your after, they will give you hubs, bearings, seals, rims, not sure they have tires but an old pair will work just fine. They have 2 different types of spindles, one round and the other square, you will need a piece of material to insert the spindle to make your own axle. I would suggest a piece of 1 1/2" tubing with drop plates on each end to mount your spindle, this will give you more ground clearance. If you choose to go this route I would use the square ended spindles with gussets. They also have the couplers, etc. If I remember correctly it was just under $150 a few years ago for the trailers I built. This didn't include the material for the axle, frame box or tires.

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    Default homemade trailer

    I built a meat wagon out of an old atv axle and Rubbermaid 50 gal feed bucket. got some 1/4 square tube for the frame and had a buddy weld it up for me. its not pretty but it worked great last year out at Chicken. I do think i need to readjust it a little, to rebalance some of the load weight of the tounge ( I set the bucket a little too far forward of the axle) i'll throw up a pic or two later or i can just PM them to ya.

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    Default Tosion Axles

    Had one with a set of these axles, great clearance, want to build one myself but moving into new house and been busy.

    They probably have them down town too.

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    Default trailer pics

    Its not fancy but its functional. I think i spent about $150 total. $110 for the bucket, $30 in steel and $15 for the hitch. Kind of 'borrowed' the idea for a guy in town who was selling trailers for $500 to $800.


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