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Thread: Petroleum Club Sporting Clays Shoot

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    I don't see much in this forum about the clay shoots going on in south central so I'll start this thread just to get the word out. Maybe there are fellow shotgunners that have just been "lurking" on the site or I just keeping missing the shotgun discussions.

    The PCA Fall shoot was held today out at Grouse Ridge in Wasilla. The weather was fantastic. The views of Hatcher Pass and Pioneer Peak while up on the ridge was a great backdrop to a lot of fun busting clays. I didnt' start the day well but our 5 man team did a good job overall. Shot a 368 out of 500 and finished just out of show. Personally, I was having a real issue with the right to left flights and just couldn't get my body to follow what my mind was telling it for lead. After my poor showing on the first station, the rest of the day was spent just concentrating on form and follow-through.

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    I shot the lower course with the Unique machine team #1. I only shot a 76, but had a great time.
    Gerald Atol deserves a lot of credit for the success of this shoot. Grouse Ridge is a fantastic place to shoot.
    Bryan Niess

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    I'm glad I ran across this thread- I had wondered whether Grouse Ridge would continue after Harry B. died. It's been a few years for me, but I'm pretty sure I can still hit some clays. I'll have to make a point to go out there. Thanks, guys.
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