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    Hi i am going into karluk lake for a bear hunt, can anyone tell me about the deer population there thanks

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    They are there but I'm sure you will have competition. Good luck and let us know how you do.

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    There always seem to be quite a few Deer in that area to me, not sure about competition as I have never seen another hunter in the area but have also never hunted the Karluk river valley itself, but the higher country surrounding, and usually hunt either earlier or later in winter. Competition with the Bears for your meat is another story. DON"T take more than "One Deer, Back to the camp in one load" at a time, or you'll lose it for sure. The Brown Bears "Own That Country" and are pretty thick and quick on a killsite.

    If you get up into the hills surrounding you better be sure you have all three of your tags with you cause you'll run into that many deer within an hour or two of your starting point. Don't have to have racks on 'em now so there's a Lot of Tender Meat out there. Bring game bags for Deer for that area For Sure. Good Luck and Have Fun, that's some Real Country out there.
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