It was my son's 9th birthday today. We bought him a Marlin 1894 lever in 357Mag. Fortunately a buddy of mine had one he was willing to sell as they are pretty hard to find. I did some custom work on it as I knew my son would want it to match my 1895; so I "ebonized" (blacken the wood), shortened stock, added sling swivels and a Williams aperture rear sight.
He was absolutely stoked this morning! As background, he has been shooting for just on a year, but developed quickly, firing everything from 22LR through 223, 30-06, 308 and 45-70, so he is not recoil shy.
Anyway, fortunately my range had a charging bear shoot today. So we got their early and Jake got the first shoot as a birthday treat. Darn if the kid didn't put 2 in the brain then one in the heart. Then repeated for his second run.
Personally I love levers for an easy and quick action for kids to work.
Anyway a proud dad and a very happy kid! And a great bunch of guys at KISA range who always make Jake feel like one of the guys. Really great when a range welcomes and encourages young shooters.