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    got my first blackie this past spring... wanted badly to make some jerky to try out. i only kept 2 or so pounds out of the grinder and that went to a stew (amazing)... anyone ever try making bear jerky? what were your results

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    my dad & i both got nice blackbears & made jerky turned out great dad made smooth muscle jerky & i ground mine up, i used the high mountain jerky kit & dad used salt,pepper,garlic salt,liquid smoke, we both marinated the meats in the fridge for 24hrs then used our dehydrators mine was done in about 4.5hrs & dads took a bit longer as his pieces of meat were a bit thicker, but both ways worked out very well, we just argue now as to who makes better jerky.

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    A word of caution. Trichinosis. It's my understanding that bear meat can be loaded with it and the only way to kill it is by cooking to an internal temp. of 160. Thus I have never made jerky from bear since it dried meat rather than cooked.

    There are lots of folks on the forum who know a lot more about this than I do and would love to hear their thoughts. If I am missing something please let me know, I love jerky.


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