Thought I'd check out some harvest numbers on moose from before intensive predator control to the present. AOC and SFW types have been touting the success of intensive predator control in raising harvest levels to push for even more intensive measures. I went to and clicked on the different options and years and what I found was, in the general season success rates have ranged from 20% to 23%. Not much variance there. 1999 was the earliest year listed and the total harvest between the general season, registration hunts, draw hunts, and tier ll hunts was about 8067 moose. In 2009, the newest year listed the total harvest was about 8006 moose.

The biggest difference between those two years of similar harvest was in 1999 about 1,000 more moose were harvested in the general season and in 2009 about 1,000 more moose were taken in DRAWING hunts. What caught my eye was, the game department in 2009 was depending more on drawing hunts as part of their management plan than in 1999. This took about 1,000 moose away from hunters in 2009 who only hunt the general season compared to 1999. This could create a perception of less animals in the general season. One question would be, were the extra drawings added to protect the herds, or to add to the State's coffers because of all the extra drawing permits being sold, or a cynic might ask if it was to specifically create the perception of less moose in the general hunt so there would be support for pushing a certain agenda such as "intensive management".

One thing these #'s don't show is how many moose are being taken each year by FEDERAL subsistance users. I'm guessing that more moose are being taken at present by those hunters than in 1999 tho, but don't have those numbers in front of me. would be interesting to see those numbers and how they have played out since 1999.

But one thing is clear, moose harvest from State hunts has been fairly consistent. Barring a catastrophic winter or a series of mild winters, I don't see that changing much.