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    Looking to hike ANWR, possibly flying into north of the divide and backpacking to south and getting picked up there. something like jago river area to the sheenjek river area.

    any tips on air service? cost for airfare? i think i can drive to coldfoot and fly to arctic village and then into the brooks?

    any starting help would be appreciated. just looking for any suggestions, past costs, experiences. thanks!

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    Hey Herman,

    Check with Buck Nelson on this forum, he hiked from one end of the Brooks to the other and has a pretty cool video about his adventure. I'm sure he can provide lots of info, check out his website for info as well: Arctic Village or Fort Yukon might be the closest village you can fly into commercially, then take an air taxi from there to your drop off. Seems you can fly into AV or FY via one of the smaller regional commercial services like Era or Wrights out of Fairbanks. There's a post on the hunting forum now regarding Wrights that might provide some info. As for costs, not sure I can provide much there as I've not flown that neck of the woods yet. For a high end estimate, I paid $700 / hr this year to fly out of Kotzebue in a Cessna 206, I would imagine that's at the upper end of air charter fees for a plane of that size in Alaska. If it is just yourself you could probably go with a Super Cub or you plus one other doing a backpacking trip, I would guess a Cessna 185 would suit your needs just fine.



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