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Thread: Honda Outboard Service??

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    Default Honda Outboard Service??

    Is AMD the only outfit that services Honda outboards in this part of Alaska? AMD is super busy; to the level where their customer service has become questionable. The AMD employees are friendly; however, the folks at AMD make you feel like they are doing you a favor even though you are providing them with good business and often dropping hundreds of dollars or more into their coffers.

    They also move boats so fast through their shop, it makes a guy wonder if his rig is really getting the attention that it needs. Therefore, for me, it's not just the service or the cost, it is also the uncertainty around quality of work. I do not have any data that indicates that their service is questionable, it just seems like "you drop your boat off in the parking lot, pay a grand, and then wait for the hey buddy, get your boat out of here because we need the room". Boating is AK is serious business, and I want to know that my outboards have been properly serviced and will serve me well; therefore, I am hopeful that their mechanics are top notch, and that they take pride in quality work.

    Anyway, back to the questions:
    1) Is AMD the only outfit in this part of AK that services Honda outboards?
    2) If I perform the work myself, including the major services, will the warranty be honored?
    3) Is modern diagnostic equipment required to complete the service work and make sure everything is operating correctly?

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    I live in Eagle River and I take my Honda OB to Rons Honda in Soldotna, Would also use the Dealer in Seward AK

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    My boat is in Seward so I use Storm Chasers in Seward but when I had the boat in Anchorage, I used AMD and I thought they were okay.

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    AMDS will be glad to take your money anyday, customer service isn't their thing from all the stories that I've heard over the years.
    Ron's Honda has been really helpful to me and my family, bought a 4-wheeler from them and they made sure it was setup the way we wanted it. Their customer service sells for them, and I know they take pride in what they do.
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    I live in Palmer and boat out of Whittier. I haul mine (twin Honda outboards) to Seward for servicing. I have never had a bad experience there and they seem to be reliable.

    I had the same concerns when I purchased my boat. I think your options for Honda dealers are AMD, StormChasers in Seward, Ron's in Soldotna, and a place in Homer that I don't know the name of.

    I too heard bad things about AMMD.. I have only dealt with them on snowmachine issues, but was not real happy there. I chose to go with Stormchasers in Sweard, and have been happy so far. I feel good service is worth the drive and time. I have a lot invested into my boat, and want the best service I can find. Stormchasers have done me right so far!!

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