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Thread: Just starting up, What do I need?

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    Default Just starting up, What do I need?

    Okay folks,
    I just bought my first boat, 07 Harbercraft/Jetcraft Extream Shallow w/200 hp Optimax. Other than the GPS,VHF and PFD's what else will I need to get this thing in the water? I'm exspecting to spend atleast another $600+ for this. Please remember I have nothing right now but a GPS so let me have it. Anchors, rope (how much), what ever you can think of?????????????

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    Default 1st?

    Nice boat for a starter.....with that much horsepower and a desire for shallow water....I'd start with boat driving lessons and lots of parts for the lower unit/jetfoot depending on what it's got.

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    A handyman, comealong, at least a 100 feet of rope shovel all this in case you run up on a gravel bar. fire extingusher spare impeller,plugs. A good tool kit first aid kit I think I got it all.

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    Sweet boat!!!! I second the boating lessons tip if you are new to boating.

    A couple other things came to mind, i.e. flares, collapsable ores (I like them) and bouyes (I suggest getting big orange ones, not the small boat bumper types).

    I also hated getting rock chips in my painted aluminum. The best thing I found to protect the painted aluminum especially while towing the boat down dirt roads, was a large semi sized mud-flap style rock guard.

    There are several commercial rock guards, for example:

    My rock guard is like the first one that page and it works well. However they are kinda expensive (for me), so you can save some bucks by going homemade (thats what I did).

    It's pretty easy to make, get some semi sized mud-flaps and bolt them to angle iron, which you weld to large square tubing (big to encompass the hitch) and then put a tension screw in the large square tubing and attach it to the hitch.

    Hope that helps ya.


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