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Thread: Rossignol BC 125 Ski

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    Default Rossignol BC 125 Ski

    I went and looked at this ski. Seems like a good ski for snowshoe skiing as well as maybe toss in a little downslope fun action.

    the guy at REI suggested I go with a Rottefella NNN BC Magnum binding.

    These Boots

    What do you guys think of this package for busting through brush, traveling over rolling country and floating on snow?

    Id rather find a good used Backcountry setup but they dont come used often. I wonder if I would have luck finding a set at the ski swap coming up at the end of the month?

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    I looked at a similar ski last year... I ultimately decided they were too heavy and I found them a little unwieldy. I use a Madshus Voss with 3/4 metal edges. Metal edges are a must have for icy conditions IMHO. I believe they were less $$$ than those OTD @ Beaver Sports.

    I use the Rottafella Magnum binding- excellent and I wouldn't switch.

    Boots-? use what fits is the best advice I got. Several companies make boots in that style but each fit a little different.


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