Jetcrafter's pic in another thread reminded me of this so I thought a little humor would do us all some good this time of year.

When I was in Highschool the family took a vacation from South Dakota to Washington State. I don't remember exactly where we were but we chose to camp at this lake. Being a rather large lake, there was a sign at the launch that described how fast the weather/water could turn. It just happens that that evening a storm came in and wow, there was a scramble at the launch to remove boats. Not sure even today that I have seen such an event. Anyway, there was a fiberglass boat in the 20' range, the fellow had a hitch on his car, something like a honda prelude. In his rush to remove his boat he chose to put it "most" of the way on the trailer. Upon cresting the top of the launch he turned to head towards camp. Funny thing was the car turned, the boat went straight and well the rear of his car was 2' off the ground as it jackknifed and the skag hit the asphalt. Took 4or5 of us on his trunk to counter the weight and get him to camp where he finished winching the boat back onto the trailer.