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    Heading to Wrangell next summer (June). Anyone know of any good bush pilots that can get me and a buddy from Anchorage to Jake's Bar (or at least McCarthy)? I'd rather not have to rent a car to drive all the way to McCarthy and just pay to have it sit there for 7-10 days. I also don't have a boatload of money to spend. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you time the buses right you can get to McCarthy by bus (actually a big van).

    These guys can get you to Glennallen:

    These guys go to McCarthy:

    This is the cheapest way to get there if you do not own a vehicle in AK.

    Wrangell Mountain Air is a pretty good outfit to work with if you want to be flown into the bush out of McCarthy. You can charter a plain from Anchorage to McCarthy but it is not going to be cheap. Be aware supposedly most rental car places forbid the use of there vehicles on the McCarthy road due to its usually poor condition.

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    Yep I know a few pilots but I can tell you that it will be expensive to have a someone fly you from Anchorage to Jake's Bar. Here is who I recommend but there are others.
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