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Thread: Fuller Lakes grayling this time of season?

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    Default Fuller Lakes grayling this time of season?

    Hopefully this Sat (9th) I will FINALLY get to do the Fuller Lakes (the one on the Kenai) hiking trip I've been promising my daughter all year. If I do, I want to try for Grayling while we are there. I've never lake fished flies, or fished grayling so I could use some suggestions on appropriate flies. Some were mentioned this summer but what's good now?

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    Generally lots of birds and bear scat on the trail, so pack accordingly. I even saw a big billy goat on an overlook above the lake between the Fullers several years ago. Very out of place, he seemed. I had a .308 with me, but didn't know the regs on goats there so I passed on an easy shot. When I called the ADFG about it, they didn't know either.


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