last week I ordered some skunky backbreaker and Klondike call from Paul Dobbins. Today I show up at the post office about 1:30 and had a slip in the box. I went up to the front counter handed the card to the lady and she took off to get it and a few other boxes for another guy. She comes back with three boxes. One is wrapped up in an Alaskan Airlines gold streak bag. I knew immediately why and started to laugh. The other guy was first in line but the gal grabs mine the one in the bag and holds it out with a funny look on her face.The other guy mumbled something about stink. I just kept on giggling and took my box out the door. Now inside the med flat rate box was paper top and bottom inside that two bags of dirt each had 8 oz of each type of lure. All the lure was sealed in smaller plastic bags and I think the lids are taped I haven't checked that far. I could smell the box from 15 feet easy and my nose don't work so well. God I love getting stinky lure in the mail! In the shop the lure bottles are about 22 feet from the door still in their own bags sealed up and the shop smells oh so good when you walk in the door