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Thread: 6b cordova info request

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    Default 6b cordova info request

    Looking into to hunting bears out of Cordova this spring for bears primarily looking for browns but would be interested in a big black as well. On average how big does the browns and blacks get? Any advice on areas or tactics would be appreciated. Also when do the bears emerge from dens on a typical year?Also looking for a spring partner.

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    The Coast Guard deploys to Cordova from April to October and we take quite a few bears each year. I saw bears at the end of April this year and took a blackie may 3rd. The best time to bear hunt out there in my opinion is the 3rd/4th week in may. On average, blackies out there run 5 1/2 - 6 feet and the majority of the brownies I see out there are 7-8 feet but heard of a few 9 footers killed out there last year. I hunt the bays and usually see 3 brown bear to every black (in my honey holes). Good luck


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