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    Field season has ended and on my long flight back from Alaska to my other home I started playing with some video clips and pictures from a trip to Kodiak (10-13 Sep), my first. It was eagerly anticipated because I like fishing for cohos when they're "on" probably more than any other fish, and obviously Kodiak is one of the best places to catch them on flies.

    It was a great trip on many levels but the coho fishing was almost a complete bust for me and most of the fly anglers I encountered during my visit. Remarkably low water (had not rained much in ~2 weeks), bright sunny weather and BEARS out the wazzu did not a good combination for coho fishing make. I wanted it to rain so badly!

    I did hook a few and was embarrassed that I lost most of them for all sorts of inane reasons. Line wrapped around my legs? Seriously? A Daiichi hook broke? Are you kidding me? Anyway, there were some other species around to keep things interesting. In hindsight I should have spent most of the time dolly fishing...the last few hours on the Buskin before I caught the ferry back to Homer were unreal. Some good fishing on the Olds above the bridge too except for the bears constantly chasing me off.

    Anyway, for kicks take a look at this video if for no other reason to see some beautiful scenery and a lot of bear footage.

    If it doesn't start immediately click on the video called kodiak2010.

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    We had some issues with Daiichis this spring on a lake in the Cariboo region of BC, lost some monster bows. I think they must have had a couple bad batches go through as you are the third or fourth person I have heard mention issues with them. Still love their hooks overall though and I have had no other problems with them since the offending pack was thrown out.

    I tried to view the video without any luck on the link you provided, too bad that is an area I am very interested in.

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    Hi pat thanks for the heads up about the hooks and video problems. I will diagnose video issues and repost.



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