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Thread: Floating the Kashwitna

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    Default Floating the Kashwitna

    Ive done some searches but no real "rafting" stuff and the books I have dont list the Kash. Has anyone floated from the highway down to susitna landing? Has anyone floated the lower cash at all that could be of any help? What kind of class of water? how long of a trip? any know hazards? Thank you.

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    Several years ago we ran a jet boat up to above the railroad tracks, probably the only hazards this time of the year may be tree's and shallow water, i would think that a float trip from the highway to the mouth would take less than half a day. Should be a fun trip if you do it.

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    I was just up that way and like most of the parks streams they are looking pretty low. Might be ok if you have a small raft but don't think a very big one would be much fun. unless you like to get out and drag. If you do it let us know how it is.

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    Thanks guys, might do it thurs so I'll report back if we do


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