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Thread: the perfect remote driveway mix of gravel and dirt

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    Default the perfect remote driveway mix of gravel and dirt

    once you got you land cleared back to the house site and the driveway is beening graded down to a completely level area running the length of the driveway from the turn off from the road to the garage area parking spot..

    what is the standard depth of rocks on the driveway to give it the propler depth for the keeping the dirt to turning into a mud bath when it rains or after the snows in the area..for my truck is not a four wheel drive and i do not want to have to park at the front of the driveway and walk back on a gravel walkway as i seen on one person place there ..

    i see a couple driveways up there that has a base of sand mix into the dirt to act as a first layer on the ground then the gravel is put down ontop of that mixture..

    any info would help on this area..from what i have seen of the few driveways in my area that it seams to get chewed up a lot when it rains or snows ..

    so it there a mixtured of gravel and sand to make the road better or just deal with the chewed up dirt road..

    plus good drainage on each side of the gravel driveway is one of the biggest thing ..i was thinking about a 6.inchs deep trench on each side of the driveway filled with gravel mix to let the water run off into and move away from the higher unit or do i need to make the unit deep to help with the drainage ..

    plus would have the drain water go into a large sized tank for use at a later time if it need would that be a good idea ..

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    part two of this i know that you need to put down some kind of barrier between the dirt and the rocks what type of barrier ..

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    Most folks that have gravel below the surface just cut down to the gravel then put more gravel back on top to bring it to grade. In most rural areas it's cost prohibitive to bring in what is called D1 to top the driveway...they just live with the rocks and potholes.

    The other cheap route for a driveway is to just clear off the plant matter, roll out what is referred to as road typar, and put a 1' deep layer of pit run gravel on top. I don't like this method, but a ton of people do it.

    Ask around your area for a good dirt contractor. They will know exactly what you need.
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    thank you ..i starting to get the ducks lined up for next summer and i was wondering about some of the things iam been seeing here and there of how they did that and where did they get that thing..

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    I agree with AK Doug, Invest in some road typar, get the good stuff. It is hard to come by commercial grade because they just sell it in huge rolls. If you are near Anchorage I can give you a number for a guy that will sell it by the foot, pm me if that interests you. Once the typar down:

    Rolls Royce: Asphalt or concrete
    Cadilac: Rap compacted
    Lincoln: D1 compacted
    Hyundai: pit run

    The last two have lots of sand and fines that will get into your garage or house.

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    first off thank you for the ideas here about the gravel driveway ..

    it one of post where iam throwing out the ideas of how to do the job and seeing if iam on the right track about the work ..for iam the type that hates to have to do something twice because of it not beening done right the first time..and with prices of things up there i need to do it right the first time..


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