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    I've only been in Alaska for about a year. I'm interested in small game hunting only and looking for a few places to hunt. I've heard all the places before (Buffalo Mine Rd, Pt Mckenzie, Hay Flats, Peters Creek, Rabbit Slough, Hatchers Pass, etc) I've been to most of these places, I just can't figure out whats public land, and whats not. Also I cant even find a place to hunt at Peters Creek. I've looked at what I believe is Rabbit Slough, but didnt see a thing. Can anyone help me out with some directions to these places as well as wht I should expect to find at these places. I'm mostly only interested in Snowshoe Hare, Ptarmigan, and Grouse. Thanks!

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    Here is a link to help you find public land:

    Buffalo Mine Rd is on the Glenn Hwy about 5.4 miles after you pass McDonalds in Palmer. Use the link to figure out where the public land is, you'll find grouse in the area.

    Hatcher's Pass: take the Glenn and follow the signs, if you work hard enough and stay more than a 1/4 mile from the road you'll find Ptarmigan

    Due to proximity to the city, most of these places get hunted pretty hard, put an extra half hour of driving in and then walk farther than others are willing to and you'll find animals. But take the time to learn about the animals so that you know what to look for (i.e. food, cover, etc...)


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