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    I'm asking for help from those of you who have experience in the catacanoe/catakayak world. I'm attempting to talk myself into this adventure, and need more insight from those who have already been down that road (er, river).

    What did you do, what would you do differently, any information about your experience that would provide guidance will be appreciated.

    Thanks much. I hope to join you for the spring float next year.


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    I'm in the process of putting a catacanoe together. I don't have the experience really to help you but I'm sure that those that are will need more info from you. The one thing that I can tell you is just go see Tracy at alaska raft and kayak. He is more knowledgable than just about anyone and can help you get the right setup.

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    You in Anchorage? Agree with Tom - pick your favorite raft shop that carries those rafts (or similar) and spend some time there.
    There's nothing better than talking about a raft's performance in different wind or water conditions than seeing the raft as you discuss it.
    A midweek winter's day is ideal for catching someone in the shop for a chat.

    Search old threads and don't be shy about adding a specific question to an older thread. Specific questions get the best responses.
    Or you could look up a particular member ("Community", then "Member List") and click through that member's posts - like Michael Strahan, - to find the cataraft or catacanoe posts/threads that interest you.

    I think comparisons will also be easier for you if you specify what type of mission you're planning. Pros/cons of one raft over another is about trade-offs. More buoyancy might also mean more weight, which complicates flyouts (you'd need a bigger plane) or portages. Or it might mean more wind resistance, which is a problem for some rivers or lakes.

    Good luck.

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    Random points concerning the cata-canoe option, using AIRE traveler canoes...1) Flat frame goes together and attaches to the "pontoon canoes" really fast....2)Travelers, with their air floors, puts lots of air on the water, the raft sits high in the water...3) Lots of space for gear and passengers....4) Low center of gravity creats a feeling of security for passengers....5) Class I or II only....6) versatile- canoes can be used either as canoes or as raft pontoons, 7) See tracy at Alaska Raft and Kayak, he helped originate the cataconoe concept.

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    I'm thinking class III would be possible, possibly more. I had a short version made from two Lynx IK's tied together with a frame, and I wouldn't hesitate too long before doing some class IV water in it. But the real issue is getting wet in almost any surf. If you aren't willing to get sprayed constantly then class I or II would be a practical limit.

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    Thanks for the input guys. There are many unanswered questions, but I've got most of the winter to find those answers. Like most of the questions surrounding boats..... there is not one boat that does it all. Maybe some day we will find that holy grail.

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    Just a thought from an old boater-- water rolls off round tubes better than self bailing canoes???
    Longer oars and stronger backs!!
    Just a thought contrary to some believes rafts work better than cats in most situations.
    I also own 13' and 15' cats for "waterfall water"


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