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    trail and error, burning gas and a lot of walking have been the themes for me lately as I'm trying to figure out hunting in a new area (Wisconsin). I decided to take a break from house hunting and dedicate this weekend to chasing our feathery friends. It was a crisp morning and cool enough to see Bank's breath while we sat in the blind.

    Saturday morning was spent sitting in a blind and watching the migrators pushing south with a strong northern wind to their backs.

    Sunday morning was spent walking new trails looking for small pot holes that are often over looked for the easier accessed water. The morning kicked off with a BWT and Banks was able to make his first duck retrieve through some thick muck.

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    we continued to walk though a field and found some heavy vegetation around a 30 x 30 (yard) pot hole. As we sat in the cat tails some teal came out of no where and were absolutely hooked up. I was able to pick up two GWT and then it was back to the hotel. I had to stop by papa johns then pick up some cold one's in order to further enjoy this great Sunday.


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