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Thread: Renting Fishing/camping equipment in Anchorage

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    Default Renting Fishing/camping equipment in Anchorage

    Is it possible to rent fishing and or camping equimpment in the Anchorage area? All of my search efforts thus far have been fruitless.

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    I was salmon fishing at Ship Creek last year and saw a fishing shack there that rented fishing equipment to salmon fish with in the creek.

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    Thanks Fishon, it seems logical that a business would rent equipment in this area, but I haven't been able to find anything.

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    Right at the bridge at ship creek is the shack for renting fishing many of the operators of drop off fishing like tri-rivers offers rental gear

    I know there are places that rent gear for longer....just do the googles....hopefully some one else can chime in.

    Personally, I would buy the fishing gear if u'll be using it for more than a day or two.....if on a budget just look on e-bay or buy an okuma spinning reel (like an Avenger) and a browning Six Rivers salmon/steelhead rods,....or for indestructible and cheap go for the cabelas Whupppin sticks for 24 dollars (not sesnsitive or graphite). There are other cheap graphite rods like the shakespeare intrepids which I actually really like (just 29 dollars).

    Unless they have u pay a premium price for the rental fishing equipment i dount that it'll be that good if it's anything like the rental gear on Party boats here on the east coast.

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    Thanks for the advise. Bringing equipment sounds like the best opition. I will look-up the equipment you suggested

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    Default fish gear

    bring your own . Rental is expensive and the gear is not great. you can easily bring rods on the plane with you.

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    Default Camping Gear Rental

    Go to Traci Harmon's Web site he runs a B & B and rents camping gear. first rate indivudual with First Rate Equipment.

    You can also get in touch with him at Alaska Raft and Kayak. I do not believe he rents fishing gear however he will popint you in a good direction.

    Tight Lines and Best Wishes.


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