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Thread: Anyone fished Tanada Lake over in the Wrangels?

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    Default Anyone fished Tanada Lake over in the Wrangels?

    I have been looking through some old fishing books and the guy was talking about trophy lakers in this lake. One in paticular was a 43 pounder. Gonna have to research this lake a little more.

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    The people at Sportsmans paridise lodge on the nabesna road have plenty of information on the lake. Jack, Tanada, and copper lakes all have good numbers of lakers. The only time i fished Tanada I caught nothing. I fished copper lake, and caught one, but saw a guy catch a 15 pounder right next to me. I caught an 8 pounder out of Jack Lake, and have heard of larger ones being caught. The people I have talked to have said Tanada is the better a lake to fish, as it is fished less than the others. I've seen several pictures of 25-30lbs fish caught out of Tanada recently. All of these lakes are worth a try.

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    Just to give u a heads up, i have relatives who go to those lakes regulary, theres never many calm days out there without wind and useally the tanada lake is useally snow swept free from the wind and the ice is somtimes a 5-8 feet thick in some areas , the fish is excellent out there for Burbot that i know, im willing to team up with someone for a weekend trip out there after then end of the yr. i live in Copper center,


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