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Thread: King Salmon Alaska

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    Default King Salmon Alaska

    We are going to King Salmon on July 8th. Antler's Inn has an opening. I was wondering if anyone has stayed there. What is it like? Will we need to rent a car to get to the marina and around? Seems like we'll be on the water most of the time. Any reccomondations on the local guides? What else? Thanks, Rusty

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    Assuming you are going for Kings. Staying at the Antlers Inn you will be down town (not that big) close to restaraunts and the Alaska Commercial grocery store. Will you be renting a boat from Antlers Inn or wanting to be guided the whole trip? How long will your stay be???

    I live there (here) and have for 32 years. Let me know what you are wanting and I can try to hook you up with who you need. You can email me at if you prefer to visit that way.



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