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    I want to go wolf hunting in Nov and have narrowed it down to 2 locations thought I would put it under forum Fox or Chicken .I have a side by side quad to help me around......wich of the two would you suggest

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    Ditch the side by side and get a snow machine if you can you will be able to access way better spots than you would on a side by side. And just wondering what made you narrow it down to those 2 locations ? The wolf I shot in August was in fox and I know where there is another pack within 45 minute of town they have been hitting up these gut piles that I have found and once those are all cleaned up they will probably move on so who knows where they will be in a week or so. I have had them respond to my lone wolf call on my fox pro and have seen their tracks and poo. I am going to go out tomorrow and set up my trail cam where they have been hanging out.


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