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Thread: WHat's your opinion on this..Bad management or good thinking?

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    The remaining 66% of the charter guys will love it.
    I have never been a proponent of limited entry ( I hold limited entry permits)
    I believe in open access. the strong will survive and the weak will be weeded out.
    I'm not a halibut biologist so I'm not sure about the management aspect

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    Does this mean that the local charters cannot go fishing for cod? Or if they do do they have to stay in a certain depth not to be on any halibut grounds, or would they be able to release any halibut caught without a fine or whatever it is they plan on doing to those deliberately going for halibut without the permit?

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    A brief glance at the file photo in the article, taken back in '06 tells it all. It has gotten worse since then. The Charter Business' have become the joke of the tourism industry. The rule change did not go far enough to make much in the way of change though. The days of cheap halibut on the dinner plate are over. Pound for pound, halibut is probably the most expensive fish to catch in the state. Used to be just the opposite. The fleet should have been reduced to half of what it was in '00.
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